Plug: Askamanager

Originally, I thought that at some point I might start talking about healthcare and clinical research issues, since I work in that line. Then I looked at the posts I’ve done so far and, except for the occasional commentary on current affairs, the posts mostly have something to do with interviews, image…job-related stuff. I should probably keep it that way, but then again, I’m not a manager. If you’ve ever had any burning questions about management, hiring/firing, interviews and just about anything related to a job, you should really try

With a catchy slogan like “…and if you don’t, I’ll tell you anyway”, I was hooked onto reading some of the strangest and most pertinent questions that come her way. Browse chronologically or by categories (personally I go for the former). The blog is run by Alison Green, whose management style is very close to what I’d really like from a manager. And oh yes, there are posts about bad managers too, not just the overly-bossy ones, but the weak, ineffectual types who absolutely refuses to manage as well. Believe it or not, the latter type drives me nuts, more so than a crazy, bossy type. This post really struck a chord with me.

Some of the posts are really enlightening too, like this one. Never knew there could be such shitty interview behaviour.

I’ll leave it to you to explore the remainder of the gems. I’m retiring early to prepare for a contest tomorrow – representing Toastmasters’ Club of Singapore in the Table Topics Contest!

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