Plug: Betterexplained

Right after I finished writing the previous piece on incorporating foreign phrases, I came across this very neat article on Betterexplained, on concise communication. Verbosity in speech and writing is one of my pet peeves, even if I am sometimes guilty of it myself, but this article really hit the point when it said:

Long-winded diatribes are about the author: listen to me and look at what I know. Effective communication is about the reader: I’ve distilled hundreds of pages to these essential insights.

The verbose speaker is by necessity narcissistic. I should really stop here, but before I go, do visit the rest of the site for intuitive explanations of abstract mathematical and scientific/programming concepts, which is really what the site is about. I wished I had this resource when I was being taught to apply my T-tests and differentiation by rote.

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