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Vignette: The pathological liar

Ok, I know I’m terribly late in posting this, but it’s 11pm here as I write, so technically it’s still Tuesday, right? Alright, fine, I have no excuse…except that I’m actually flying to China tomorrow and am frantically packing for … Continue reading

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The chasm between parents and teachers

Having come from a not-so-standard path in education, I feel very strongly about the topic, and so it was with some mixed feelings that I read about a Pennsylvanian high school teacher who has been suspended for calling her students … Continue reading

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Plug: Betterexplained

Right after I finished writing the previous piece on incorporating foreign phrases, I came across this very neat article on Betterexplained, on concise communication. Verbosity in speech and writing is one of my pet peeves, even if I am sometimes … Continue reading

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Purity and perspicuity in writing

Credit: Papam I think it is a given that when it comes to writing, concise communication is key to effectiveness. As our old-school teachers would say, ‘make every word tell’. There is another dimension to writing that I would like … Continue reading

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Back in action!

And I’m back for good :). Well, I can’t say I’ve bounced back from my low points just yet…if anything, yesterday was possibly one of the lowest points in my life, even though I managed to fare decently as a … Continue reading

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