25 Oddest Interview Questions

Forget round manhole covers!* Glassdoor.com has a very neat article containing 25 oddest interview questions of 2010. Most of them requires some clever guesstimation on the interviewee’s part, some are logical puzzles, but some are just…plain odd, like this one:

3. “What is the philosophy of Martial Arts?”

This one had me completely stumped. I might say something about peace and self-defense, but I have a feeling I’ll get called out for bs-ing.

Then there’s

24. “How are M&M’s made?”

I once skimmed through a brief article on how the letters are made, but I’ve clean forgotten them by now.

See the full list of questions and answers at the link!

Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions Of 2010

* – In case you still don’t know the answer, there are many possible explanations ranging from material efficiency (round shapes use less material compared to its square or rectangular counterpart) to avoiding the risk of manhole covers dropping through its opening. Incidentally there are manholes of other shapes; I recall seeing many rectangular manholes in my childhood years.

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